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Jackson Ampworks 1x12 and 2x12 Ported Cabs NEW



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The Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported cabinets are a totally unique approach to sound reproduction and the results are staggering!

The Jackson Ampworks line of Dual Ported Cabinets are a completely new Patent Pending design that features two ports that run vertically along the left and right side of the cabinet and allows the sound waves that come from the back of the speaker to be directed via precise baffles and shelves out the front of the cabinet. Months of research and development went into creating precise dimensions for the ports that ensure that the sound waves coming from the ports are in phase with the sound waves coming from the front of the speaker. These sound waves when aligned with each other work to augment and fatten the tone of the speaker! With our Jackson Ampworks Dual Ported Cabinets the user gets the “airiness” of an open back cabinet with the presence and low-end of the best closed back cabinet you’ve ever heard!


Premium 13-ply Void Free Baltic Birch Plywood.
Dovetail Corner Joints Rattle Free Performance.
Recessed Steel Handles Easy Stacking and Transport
Genuine Switchcraft Jacks and 12AWG Speaker Hookup Wire

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