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Mick Ronson Tribute

Mick Ronson Tribute


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Gibson 1968 LP Custom Mick Ronson's Les Paul Custom


This guitar was the one played by the late Mick Ronson through the majority of his professional life. Originally it started out as a solid black 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom.


Mick had the top sanded down to bare wood as he heard this would make the instrument sound better. Used exclusively on all the David Bowie records and concerts as well as his solo career and with Mott the Hoople. All the footage you see of David Bowie as Ziggy in the 70's will also show Mick playing this guitar. It was also shown on the cover of Mick's 2nd Solo album "Play Don't Worry". Also, famous as the guitar Bowie went down on in the shot used on the October 1997 cover of Mojo magazine.


Mick also used it in the early day's with Ian Hunter on many of the records. Later he moved to a Fender Telecaster as his primary guitar. Along the way in this guitars life the headstock was snapped and a new one was spliced in it's place. During this time the rest of the guitar was sanded down to natural wood as well and clear coated. In 1988 Mick donated the guitar to the Hardrock Cafe in Sydney where it hung for 12 years.


With the help of my friends Ian Hunter & Suzi Ronson, It now belongs to me! What will I do with it now? Well I am going to put it in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the rest of the world to enjoy.... after it gets played one more time!



In honor of Mick Ronson I put together these videos below to share with everyone all the gear that I have acquired through the years.


Part I


Part II - With Ian Hunter



Thank you for visiting this page and watching the videos!


Rick Tedesco