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Product Videos

We believe you should have the utmost trust and confidence when buying any gear from GuitarHangar.com, which is why we have taken the initiative to show you on a per instrument basis, the actual piece you will be purchasing from us.


Obviously nothing beats the real thing, and for those close to us who are fortunate to drive to our store we welcome you to come in and check out all our instruments, but for everyone else our videos are an in-depth look of the actual items available within our store, in stock!


Our videos not only feature brand new items we get in every week but also, the consignment and trade in equipment gets special treatment, like this you can get a better look, especially if it is a trade or a consignment, giving you peace of mind that the instrument you buy is what you are getting and knowing you will be treated fairly when making a purchase.


Not only that but Rick has set up a series of How to Videos for you to properly maintain your guitar/guitars, or what to look for when buying any new or used guitar. Although Guitar Hangar was born in 1999, Rick has been in the music/retail business buying, selling and repairing guitars/gear for thirty years.


So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy some cool videos!


All of our videos are hosted within our Youtube Page Here, Please subscribe to get notified when new videos get uploaded.