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Rainsong WS 3000 12 String Carbon Fiber NEW



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Performance Shape Casting™ is the new process, uniquely suited to graphite instruments, which allows RainSong necks and fretboards to be cast as a single graphite matrix. The resulting necks are very stable and strong, capable of withstanding temperature and climate changes. At the same time they are very slender and light in weight, which improves the playability of the instrument. Prime objectives of the CAD designed neck are comfort and playability.

Acoustically the WS3000 is very, VERY loud. The bass is rich and articulate.
The treble has that unique RainSong crystal bell clarity. The guitar is extremely even and well-balanced. PLUGGED-IN sound is, if anything, better. The WS3000 comes standard with the LR Baggs Element electronics. And, unlike wood which actually dampens the efforts of electronics, the pure graphite of the WS3000 enhances the electrical energy of the pickup, amplifying all the subtle richness of RainSong's classic carbon sound. Other features include a Tusq Nut and saddle, Abalone inlaid Tusq bridgepins and Abalone rosette.

The WS3000 is the ultimate tool for the working, traveling musician. The inherent stability and strength of graphite means a guitar that can be counted on.  And it won't go out of tune every ten minutes. Just grab it and go. Some players say it has the best action, the best sound, the best balance, and the best stability of any 12 string they've ever played.

Hardshell case included.