Charlie Paolo Custom Effects Grapefruit Fuzz Hand-Wired Guitar Effects Pedal


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Built by hand right here in Connecticut, Charlie Paolo Custom Effects pedals are everything you want from a stomp box. Each and every Charlie Paolo effects pedal is hand-made using premium components. Unlike most “high end boutique pedalsâ€� that are assembled onto a prefabricated circuit board, all Charlie Paolo effects pedals are individually hand-soldered onto a custom perfboard. This way you are guaranteed to always have the best pedal in the universe.The Charlie Paolo Grapefruit fuzz is an analog fuzz stomp box. Simple and elegant, this one-knob fuzz pedal that does exactly what a fuzz pedal should do: make FUZZ. No fancy bells and whistles, confusing switches, or annoying settings to memorize. One knob to rule them all. Crank it up, and you’ll get a nice fat fuzz tone that’s perfect for rock and blues. Crank it down, and the Grapefruit will give your tone a warm, fuzzy edge with nice clarity in the highs. No matter where you set the knob, the Charlie Paolo Grapefruit Fuzz is harmonically rich, with a balanced tone.Features

  • Locally made in Connecticut, USA
  • Hand-Soldered on custom perfboard
  • Individually custom painted so no two look alike
  • All analog circuits
  • Rugged metal construction


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