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The FX80B Compressor Sustainer was introduced in mid-1985, and replaced the FX80 in DOD’s FX-series lineup. The FX80B added a third knob to control how quickly the signal is compressed, allowing the user to have more dynamic control of the effect. With the introduction of the FX84 Milk Box in 1996, DOD effectively discontinued production of the FX80B, although one FX80B has been seen with a serial number corresponding to early 1998.

  • Controls¬†Level, Release, Compression
  • From the manual (shared with the FX82): “The FX80B Compressor/Sustainer … reduce[s] the dynamic range of the input signal from an instrument. Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and quietest portions of an instrument’s sound. By “compressing” or squeezing the the loudest and quietest portions of an instrument’s sound into a more compact range, you can control the signal better. Since the loudest and quietest portions of your notes are compressed, your notes sustain longer, the sounds seem tighter, and you can help avoid clipping going into other effects or your amplifier.”


  • Attack vs. Release variants: Like the FX82, the middle knob of the original versions of the FX80B was labeled ‘Attack,’ to vary the time required before the compression would occur. Low Attack settings would thus allow initial transients to pass through without compression, enhancing the dynamic range. In late 1987, the middle knob was re-labeled ‘Release’, defined as the time required before the compression would release. It is unclear whether the difference was cosmetic or not, as two different FX80B/FX82 manuals from 1987 were identical (including the listed specifications) except for the name of the knob.

The battery door is missing but the pedal functions as it should!

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