Epiphone Triumph Archtop Guitar 1946 w/ Case – Used


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The triumph was built by Epiphone up until the Gibson takeover of the company in the late ’50s. This guitar is a 1946 model and unfortunately has had a few mods as listed… they added binding to the f holes and a pickup that is mounted to the base of the neck. They added a volume and tone control on to the original pickguard that is in pretty rough shape. The first thing I would do is take the pickguard and pickup off of it as the guitar would look so much better without the botched up pickguard on it. They added a hole for the jack on the bottom side of the guitar. It looks like they shot some clear over the original finish when they put binding on the f holes. The tailpiece has a crack running on the seam where it folds over the top. Now for the good news! The rest of the guitar is intact and it actually plays pretty nice and because of the mods I’m selling it much cheaper that these go for! Comes with a chipboard case.

Body Style: Archtop

Years of Production: 
1931 – 1958


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