Fender 1991 Prodigy Super Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar – Used


Just in to our shop this week, a 1991 Fender Prodigy Strat in good condition. Tested and fully functional, this instrument does show signs of wear, usage and age so please view our photos carefully and consider them to be part of the description.

The Fender Prodigy is a discontinued model of electric guitar produced by Fender from 1991 to 1993. It is one of Fender’s attempts to compete with the superstrat-style guitars produced by IbanezJackson/CharvelCarvin Corporation and Yamaha. Since the Prodigy series was discontinued after about two and half years of production without a clear reason, it is considered one of Fender’s rare models because of its limited production.

The Prodigy series featured two single coil pickups and one humbucker at the bridge position (sometimes referred to as a Fat Strat configuration). The body shape was similar to that of the Stratocaster; however, it featured an offset body with sharper body edges. The Prodigy was relatively different from the Fender HM Strat since it used Leo Fender‘s classic Synchronized tremolo system.

The prodigy neck featured 22 frets and a 12″ radius maple or rosewood fretboard. Its headstock was strongly reminiscent of the Stratocaster headstock, but slightly taller and narrower.

Prodigy electronics also differed from the Stratocaster in that the Prodigy featured a single volume and only a single tone control. Traditional Stratocasters have a single volume, but have one tone control for the neck and middle pickup and one tone control for the bridge pickup. Stratocasters also have a rout on the face of the guitar for a somewhat large, angled output jack; this is missing from the Prodigy. Instead, it uses a third hole in the pickguard (which would be used for the second tone knob on a Stratocaster) as the mounting position for the output jack.





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