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Schools Out Fender Bassman 2 x 15 Cabinet Owned by Dennis Dunaway Alice Cooper Group


Condition Destruction

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“It’s a historical piece of crap!” Dennis Dunaway described this cabinet to me in these exact words last night when he asked if I wanted it because he was taking it to the dump. After I stopped laughing I said “Of course I’ll take it. Someone will want the cabinet you used on “Schools Out” for sure!!” This was really the first serious bass amp Dennis bought back in the day and he used it in the early days before the band really took off and started playing big venue’s requiring him to switch to the massive Acoustic 360 powerhouse amps. He’s said ” I swapped speakers and re coned them etc … Im not sure if they even work anymore” It’s definitely had the hard life and and is full of battle scars. A true piece of Rock and Roll history! There is an attached pic of his interview in Vintage Guitar showing a pic of Dennis and the amp and him referencing it in the interview! These are very hard to date but the amp is pictured in 1966 so it would have to be a 66 or earlier cabinet.

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