Fender CyberTwin Amplifier w/ Amp Cover & Casters – Used


Condition Mint


This Fender Cyber-Twin is in pristine condition. It is a 65 watts per channel powerhouse. Not just a modeling amp, this TUBE AMP reconfigures its circuits at the twist of a dial to become any one of 35 classic amps. Want a ’65 Deluxe Reverb? Dial it in! 205 presets with 85 of which are writable. Comes with the footswitch that accesses 4 presets. Features retrofitted casters to make traveling to gigs easier. Includes the manual, a laminated presets chart, and an amp cover. Software was updated!

205 Amplifier Design Presets:
85 Custom Shop (including FX; permanent)
35 Your Amp Collection (permanent)
85 Player’s Lounge (REWRITABLE; in other words, create your own)
• 2 Vacuum Groove Tubes (12AX7WA)
• 130 Watts of Stereo Output (65 watts per channel)
• 2 Celestion Speakers (G12-100)
• Onboard Guitar Tuner

• 28 individual effects selections to choose from (each with 4 or 5 adjustable parameters)
• 11 Reverb types (each with 4 adjustable parameters)
• 4 Tone Stacks (each with 2 Location parameters, before or after the Distortion Circuitry)
• 3 Noise Gate level settings (with 1 adjustable depth parameter) Eliminate noise at the press of a button!
• 4 Timbre types (for room acoustics or tone boosts)
• 4 Line/Speaker Polarity selections (all possible combinations)
• 8 Bypass Reverb/Effects selections (all possible combinations)
• 4 Quick Access Keys provide assignment and recall of favorite Amp Design Presets
• 4 Button Footswitch
• 1 Expression Pedal Jack

Display & Control Panel:
• 40 Character, 2-line display presents menu options, prompts and general information
• 1 Dynamic Data Wheel
• 8 Motorized Knobs Drive Circuitry:
• 16 selections: 12 Tube types 4 Solid State types MIDI
• 23 Continuous Controllers for auto-control by external MIDI equipment (sequencer/computer)
• 1 Assignable Continuous Controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter
• 4 System Exclusive functions for transferring Amp Design Presets and system updates

• 1 Stereo Digital Line Output, RCA SPDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment
• 2 Stereo XLR Line Output, impedance balanced jacks, with 2 mono/stereo settings
• 3 Effects Loop jacks, mono out, mono or stereo in, with 2 switchable pre-amp levels

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Weight 150 lbs


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