Fender USA Hot Rod Deville Guitar Combo Amplifier w/ 4×10’s & Amp Cover – Used


Condition Used Excellent


Drawing inspiration from the iconic ’59 Bassman amps and the classic Fender Super Reverb, the Fender Hot Rod Deville 410 is a combo amp with 60 watts of firepower in a 4×10 speaker configuration. Sporting a tube preamp made entirely of 12AX7s and headroom like that of amps with 6L6 tubes, the Deville 410 will give you a ton of gorgeous sound that takes pedals just as well as its onboard effects, like its classic Fender spring reverb. With an effects loop and the ability to push into a creamy overdrive, the tonal possibilities are endless.

That amp is the first edition made in the USA. Since 2002 they have been made in Mexico. Its as clean as they come with no damage to the tolex, comes with the cover and has been checked out and its 100% ready to go!

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Weight 75.00 lbs


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