Fender Mustang Competition Red 1971- Used


Condition Excellent


The Vintage Fender Competition Finish Mustang set a new precedent for the world of electric guitars at the time of its introduction by combining the timeless cool of classic cars with a design aimed at the younger crowd. Smaller than its predecessors like the Jazzmaster, the Mustang was a heavyweight in the student-priced realm and offered a playing experience that’s been coveted for years thanks to the pair of single-coils and iconic offset design. The last guitar Leo Fender designed while at his titular company, the slick racing stripe has been found in the rigs of David Byrne, PJ Harvey, and Thurston Moore.

This 71 Competition Mustang is 100%. Nothing to explain, everything works, all original, no mods or repairs and is in excellent condition with the original case and even has the original bridge cover! there are a few finish chips here and there as shown in the pics but nothing major. Incredibly clean for a 71!

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Weight 75 lbs


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