Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume Guitar Effect Pedal – Used


Here we have a Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume effect pedal up for grabs, tested and fully functional.

The SV-2 Slow Volume actually makes your notes “swell” from zero to full volume, offering an unlimited variety of new tonal textures to expand your creative horizons.

The SV-2 is a voltage-controlled volume pedal based on the vintage Boss Slow Gear. The SV-2’s Threshold control determines how hard a note’s attack must be to trigger the effect, while the Speed control determines how fast the note will swell to full volume. Many effects can be achieved just by manipulating these simple controls, from straight volume swells to bowing effects to tape-reverse simulation.

Note: Like an envelope filter, the SV-2 must be “played” correctly in order to achieve maximum effect. Phrases must be played in a tight, almost staccato manner, with space left in between notes to allow the effect to re-trigger and track each successive one.


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