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Ludwig 5 Piece Classic Maple Series in Blue Oyster Pearl with Hardware, Cymbals and Cases Used


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Since 1909, Ludwig drums have been one of the proudest legacies in percussion. Players such as Cream’s Ginger Baker, Queen’s Rodger Taylor, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and of course Ringo Starr of the Beatles who put them on the map in popular music drumming.

Ludwig’s Classic Maple shells are constructed of 7-ply North American maple. They are molded with Ludwig’s Radio Frequency Shell Technology (RFST). This process utilizes a unique bonding system and adhesive to ensure all the plies are evenly cured throughout the circumference of the shells. A 45-degree bearing edge is hand-sanded for a flawless, flat surface that enhances the shell’s sustain and harmonic presence.

The maple construction of the 5-piece Classic Maple set delivers a highly touch-responsive tone that will fit any genre of music and ideal for live performance. The sound of Ludwig drums has been heard on countless recordings and performances over decades. The Classic Maple features that warm definitive tone and takes it to the next level.

This kit came to us gently used in MINT condition. The only flaw we can find is a slight discoloring on one of the tom toms. It looks like it was exposed to direct sunlight. The shell kit alone without hardware is close to 3k and when you add in the hardware, cymbals and bags you are looking easily at a 4k drum set making this used kit an absolute steal at our price!

Ludwig Classic Maple 5-piece Features:

  • 5-piece drum shell pack with 22″ bass drum, 13″ & 14″ mounted toms, and 16″ floor tom, 14″ snare
  • 7-ply North American maple construction
  • 45-degree hand-sanded bearing edge
  • RFST molding
  • Triad floor tom leg mounts facilitate easy packing
  • 2 Heavy duty Ludwig cymbal stands, 1 boom and 1 straight
  • 1 Heavy duty Ludwig High Hat stand
  • Ludwig Speed King kick drum pedal
  • 1 18′ Zyldjian Crash Cymbal
  • 1 20″ Sabian ride Cymbal
  • 2 14″ Camber II High Hat Cymbals
  • Drum gig bags for all drums
  • Made in USA


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