Marshall JCM900 Model 4500 50 Watt Guitar Head Amplifier


Used Excellent


Used Marshall JCM 900 HI-GAIN DUAL REVERB 50W HEAD (MODEL 4500). This amp head is in very good condition. Fully functional and cosmetically in good shape.

Featuring 50 watts (switchable to 25 watts), this Marshall has a five-tube chassis, preamp: 3 x 12AX7s, power: 2 x EL34s, solid-state rectifier, pentode/triode output stage, two switchable channels with reverb on both. The front gold control panel features a single input jack with controls as follows:

Channel “A” Pre-Amp Gain Control sets the gain level for channel “A”. Lower settings give clean sounds – higher settings for medium drive and crunch rhythm. Reverb control Channel “A” controls the amount of reverb on Channel “A”, Master Volume Channel “A” Controls the overall volume level of Channel “A”.

Channel “B” Lead Gain Control Sets the gain level for boosted Channel B. Lower settings give slight overdrive – higher settings for maximum drive and sustain. Reverb Control Channel ”B” controls the amount of reverb on Channel “B”, Master Volume Channel “B” controls the overall volume level of Channel “B”. Channel “B” ON Push Switch/LED Indicates red when Channel “B” is selected either manually or by remote footswitch.

Footswitch Jack Socket Connects the remote dual footswitch for reverb ON/OFF and Channel A/B switching.

Treble, Middle, Bass & Presence provide a wide range of tonal possibilities for both channels.

The rear panel features: effects loop with loop level control, DI out, recording compensated DI out, two speaker jacks with impedance selector switch, high/low power mode switch, output valve protection fuse with LED.

This series of Marshall amps were produced from 1990 to 1998.


  • Weight lbs.: 38
  • Width in.: 29
  • Depth in.: 8.25
  • Height in.: 11.5
  • TUBES: Rectifier: Solid State
  • Preamp: 3 – 12AX7
  • Power: 2 – EL34
  • Footswitch: Y 2 button


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