Original Vintage DOD FX15 Swell Momentary Guitar Effects Pedal Orange


Condition Used/Excellent


The FX15 Swell Pedal was introduced in late 1984. The pedal is intended to help guitar players approximate backwards guitar sounds in real time. Similar to the original SG-1 Slow Gear, DOD’s new circuit used a minimum of parts and appeared to be utterly unique. However, like the Boss SG-1, the DOD FX15 was a slow seller, partially due to its counter-intuitive operation. The FX15 Swell was discontinued by late 1986.This is an ultra-rare pedal, with some funky operational details. It’s a “momentary” switch, which means you have to step on the plate to activate the pedal, and when you release the plate, the pedal disengages. We were using it with a “wah wah” rhythm, and the effect sounds really cool when used properly. Controls (with descriptions from the manual)

  • Decay (0.7-2 s) – “controls the time for the signal to return to normal when the switch is released”
  • Attack (20 ms to 1 s) – “controls the time for cut/boost to occur when the switch is pressed”
  • Cut/Boost (-37 dB to +14 dB) – “when the switch is pressed there will be a cut in signal if rotated counter clock wise from center, a boost if clock wise from center.
  • Using the DOD FX15: Perhaps because of its relatively steep learning curve, DOD added an additional page to the FX15’s user manual. In our opinion, the two most important things to remember are (1) the footswitch is wired as a “momentary” type, meaning you have to hold the treadle down while in use; and (2) the Cut/Boost control should never be at “noon” (at its center position, with unity gain) if you expect the FX15 to do anything when the treadle is held down.

Technical info

  • Specifications: Input impedance = 500 k Ohms, Output impedance = 1 k Ohms; Decay, Attack, and Cut/Boost as listed above
  • Notable IC chips: CLM-50 (LED Photoconductor D.I.P. Optoisolator, a type of VCA?) and a TL022CP op-amp. Alone among DOD’s FX series, the FX15’s circuitboard does NOT include a MC14007UBCP-type chip, as there is no FET switching circuitry (however, this pedal is NOT true-bypass).

Condition Excellent condition. No major damage or wear. All functions tested and working. There may be a minor amount of cosmetic wear. Please view the pictures carefully and consider them part of the description.


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