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Here’ s your ready to go DJ setup! Everything works and comes with a road case. The package consists of…

  • 2 Pioneer CDJ-100S CD turntables
  • 1 Pioneer DJM-300S DJ Mixer
  • 1 Pioneer EFX-500 Performance Effector
  • Road Case

    Pioneer DJM-300 Mixer

    • Pioneer DJM-300S DJ Mixer
    • 2 Channel DJ Mixer
    • 2 phono RCA input switchable
    • 2 Aux RCA inputs
    • 2 Master RCA out puts
    • Built in Auto BPM Counter for each channel
    • 3 Band Equializer per channel
    • 1 Mic input¬†custom Road Case


    Pioneer CDJ-100S CD turntables

    • Digital jog break provides analog DJ effects Slot-in feature
    • Allows smooth changes between discs with four second song loading
    • Quick-start: music starts in .01 seconds, matching rhythms with pin-point accuracy.
    • Frequency response: 4Hz-20kHz8 9/16″ W x 12 1/4″ H x 3 3/4″ D
    • Pioneer CDJ-100S Professional Table-top CD player w/ Effects (Pair)


    Ideal for home DJs and aspiring professionals, the entry-level Pioneer CDJ100S CD player invites users to experiment with the audio potential and versatility of the digital format. The device is centered around a built-in digital jog dial, which approximates the action and feel of a classic vinyl turntable. Spinning the dial after depressing one of the remix buttons creates all manner of inventive and boundary-pushing sounds, including Jet, a flange-like sound wave with a short delay; Zip, which adjusts the pitch of sounds without changing the tempo; and Wah, which strengthens or weakens specific audio frequencies to create pulsating volume changes. DJs can also sustain an effect by pressing the hold button, freeing them up to play with other sounds (the effect gradually fades once the button is turned off).

    Another important feature for DJs is track management, and the CDJ100S excels in this area as well. The jog dial makes quick-response frame-by-frame search and point selection easy and accurate. Users can also return to the cue point at any time or rewind to the song’s starting point with the push of a button. In addition, DJs can easily perform a super-fast track search by turning the jog dial and pressing the track search button. The unit also includes a Playing Address bar graph that displays the elapsed and remaining playing time of a track. When the track is almost finished playing, a flashing signal lights up. Enterprising DJs may want to add a second CD player for flexibility, which lets them cue one song on standby while another disc plays. Should you choose to stick with only one unit, however, the changing time is still minimal, with an elapsed time of about four seconds to load a new song and start playing using the Slot In mechanism–fastest in the industry. Discs that are already cued start playing within 0.01 seconds of hitting the play button, letting you match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy.

    Digital Jog Break
    DIGITAL JOG BREAK provides analog DJ effects at a turn of the JOG DIAL so new and original sounds can be made. This player is suited for a wide variety of music genre with digital effects. It is both versatile and easy to operate.

    Jet Sound wave is created by adding SHORT DELAY. This is similar to FLANGER which DJs make by using 2 analog turntables

    The pitch of reproduced sounds can be changed without changing the tempo. Lowering of the pitch by the JOG DIAL produces the sounds resembling those made by slowing an analog turntable (Braking effect).

    The audio level of a certain frequency can be made strong or weak by the turn of a dial.

    HOLD Function
    With the button on, the present JOG DIAL state can be maintained even while taking your hand off the JOG DIAL. With the button off, it returns gradually to the original state. You can use this button whenever you want

    Slot In
    The SLOT IN Method allows Smooth changes between discs. It takes about four seconds to load your song, fastest in the industry

    Quick Start
    When you hit the Play button the CDJ-100S starts the music instantly (less than 0.01 seconds) so you can match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy.

    Compact Body
    Measuring just 8-9/16″ x 3-3/4″ x 12-1/4″ (217.7 x 94.5 x 310.7mm), the CDJ-100S is packed with all the features you’d expect of a professional CD player, all of which makes this machine ideal for mobile DJ’ing.

    Jog Dial
    This large, quick-response dial makes frame-by-frame search and point selection easy and accurate while providing a closer-to turntable feel.

    Super Fast Track Search/Super Fast Search Function
    Turning JOG DIAL with the press of the TRACK SEARCH/SEARCH button allows higher speed search. This function is convenient for CDs with many tracks.

    Tempo Control
    A two-step switch allows you to set the tempo range to either -16% +10% or +/-10%, while a long-stroke slide provides rapid control over playback speed.

    Master Tempo
    An industry first, this new Master Tempo control locks in the music’s pitch even when the tempo changes. Now you can vary the beat with no change in vocal or instrument tone.

    Playing Address
    A light bar provides an at-a-glance graphic indication of elapsed playing.

    Cue Functions

    CUE POINT: You can set the cue point by a frame unit (1/75 second).

    BACK CUE Function: Press the Cue button while playing the unit to go back to the cue point and start over. In addition, you can go back to the song’s start point whenever you want at a press of the button.

    AUTO CUE Function: Auto Cue automatically locates the song’s start point even if it differs from the track’s frame, allowing the player to start instantly at a press of the Play button.

    CUE POINT SAMPLER Function: The sound from the memorized cue point for as long as 1 minute can be reproduced by one touch, which can be used as the start point check and the sampler. In addition, real time cue point input makes it easy to set and change the cue point.

    Fader Start & Back Cue Play
    When the CDJ-100S is used with DJM-500, DJM-300, or DJM-300-S mixer, You can start the music with a fader or cross fader, or use them to return to the cue point.

    Relay Play
    Connecting two CDJ-100S allows one song to be put on standby while the other plays (Auto cue must be on). Relay Play automatically starts the second unit at the end of the song for uninterrupted play. This continues back and forth until both discs are done.

    Vibration-Proof Contruction
    Vibration-Proof Construction is achieved by utilizing technology found in Pioneer’s car-audio CD players. In addition, the CDJ-100S is equipped with Protect Guard to help avoid turning the power off, or ejecting a disc, accidentally, during your performance.

    Digital Output
    For digital recording (Normal play mode only).


    Pioneer EFX-500 Performance Effector

    The high quality separate 3-BAND EQUALIZER (HI, MID. LOW) cuts sounds up to -oodB and almost completely silences the sound of instruments in each band.

    Momentary ON & LOCK ON method is adopted. The switch at the Momentary position returns to OFF when you takes your finger off the lever, allowing smooth ON-OFF changeover of effects. The switch, at the LOCK ON position, continues to be ON.

    Press the AUTO BEAT EFFECT button (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1) to produce live effects, DELAY, ECHO, AUTO PAN, AUTO FLANGER and AUTO TRANSFORMER, in linkage with beat set in advance.

    This machine, with free selection of 3 bands (HI, MID, LOW), enables a wider range of performances than conventional effectors.

    Turn the DEPTH and MIX knobs to change the depth of effects and the balance of the original sounds and effect sounds, respectively. In addition, normal effects, not linked with BPM, are possible.

    You can set the beat by various methods such as AUTO, TAP, msec, BPM and MIDI BEAT.

    Momentary ON & LOCK ON method is adopted for smooth ON-OFF changeover.

    This counter automatically measures the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of music and turns it into digital indication. You can digitally confirm the BPM of input music sources.

    You can set BPM instantly by tapping the button with your finger. Press the button twice to input the tempo as desired.

    Button operation allows you to freely select specific frequency from the 3 bands (HI, MID, LOW) and produce effects. You can combine the bands as you like – for example, producing effects only in the MID (picture), or, conversely, selecting the LOW and HI for effects with the original sounds in the MID.

    • DELAY: You can set DELAY sounds at any tempo.
    • ECHO: You can set ECHO sounds at any tempo. Turn of the DEPTH knob to MAX produces HOLD DELAY effect, in which repeat continue when BEAT EFFECT is OFF.
    • AUTO PAN: You can automatically swing sounds to the right and left.
    • AUTO FLANGER: This produces a sound effect like when a jet plane ascends and descends periodically. The DEPTH knob can be used to change the strength of the waves.
    • AUTO TRANSFORMER: This cuts sounds periodically.

    “Digital Jog Break” is equipped for producing new digital sounds on the spot. A turn of the JOG DIAL controls 5 effects, JET, ZIP, WAH, RING MODULATION, and FUZZ. The DEPTH knob can be used to freely set the strength and depth of effects as well as the balance of the original sounds and effect sounds.

    You can enjoy a variety of DJ performances with an instrument-feel.

    Momentary ON & LOCK ON method is adopted for smooth ON / OFF changeover.

    • JOG BREAK METER: This optically indicates the motion of the JOG DIAL and the change of sounds, allowing you to visually confirm the motion.
    • JET: This is a function to add SHORT DELAY. Turn of the JOG DIAL creates wave sounds, with the FLANGER effect made by using 2 analogue turntables.
    • ZIP: The JOG DIAL can be used to change the pitch of reproduced sounds without changing the tempo. Lowering of the pitch produces sounds resembling those made by slowing an analogue turntable.
    • WAH: This, is a function to change cut-off frequency. Turn of the JOG DIAL makes the sound of a certain instrument strong or weak. It feels like the sound is moving.
    • RING MODULATION: Modulation of sounds produces a tone like the ring of a bell, providing effects such as a cosmic sound or a robot voice.
    • FUZZ: This is a distortion effect on sounds. The JOG DIAL changes the distorted band.

    With the function on, the present state can be maintained if you stop turning the JOG DIAL. With the function off, it returns gradually to the state of the original sounds.

    This is a new function to memorize and reproduce the motion of the JOG DIAL. When you turn the JOG DIAL and simultaneously press the MEMORY button, the motion of the JOG DIAL is memorized for as long as 8 seconds. While pressing the PLAY button, you can replay the memorized action in all the 5 effects as many times as you want.

    The EFX-500 is equipped with MIDI IN/OUT terminals for controlling the CLOCK signal of MIDI instruments. The BPM of input analogue sound signal is measured automatically, converted to MIDI-CLOCK signal, and output so that the beats of connected MIDI instruments can be synchronized.

    The EFFECT MONITOR SYSTEM monitors each of BEAT EFFECT, DIGITAL JOG BREAK, and master sounds. The volume & meter controls input/effect output levels. The auto-lighting, button indicates Rear Panel the setting of each effect. The compact size makes this machine portable

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