Silvertone / Teisco Model 1435 1960s Vintage Electric Guitar – Used


Condition Used Excellent


The Silvertone 1435 guitar was part of the mid 1960’s offerings of Teisco by way of Sears. Since they were never listed in any major seasonal Sears catalogs from that era they must have been offered only in select stores. Being as there are no catalog references, the only other resource is Teisco info from that period of time which is scarce as well. It appears this guitar is based on the MJ-2L model that was available from Teisco under their name. Most Teiscos sported striped metal pickguards from 1965 on so we can use this as a general guide for dating these guitars. This one is complete except for the missing tremolo bar. Everything works but oddly enough the tone knobs work backwards which mean they were soldered on the opposite lug on the pot reversing the direction. Guitar is in very good shape for a 60ish year old guitar!

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