TAMA Imperialstar 5-Piece Drum Set with Meinl HCS Cymbals and 20 in. Bass Drum Hairline Black


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With nearly 40 years of drum building experience, TAMA knows what drummers really want. With this in mind we sought out to design an affordable yet durable kit that retained many high-end features you’ll find in our Silverstar, Superstar, and Starclassic lines. What we came up with was Imperialstar. Every aspect of the modern drum kit was exhaustively examined, reexamined, and then improved before it was accepted as part of the Imperialstar design.

This series features a double-braced tripod design that follows the design line of Tama’s higher end hardware. All stands also feature a die-cast collar joint that locks-in height positioning and the cymbal stands feature Tama’s Quick-Set Cymbal Mate for ease of cymbal set up. Tama’s HP200P is included with features including a sold base plate, chain drive, Power Glide Cam, dual-side beater and separate spring tension and beater angle adjustment. To complete the hardware set-up, Tama includes a comfortable, height-adjustable throne.

Meinl cymbals are included and offer a full size of HCS series cymbals – 20 in. ride, 16 in. crash and 14 in. hi-hats. These cymbals allow the developing drummer
to acquire a sense of musicality and offer a total drum set experience.

Tama’s shell specification are what sets this apart from other starter drum kits. All shells are 8-ply 7.5 mm 100% Poplar and cut with Tama’s precision bearing edges for 100% drum head to shell vibration transfer and sensitive response. All shells include wraps that are 100% bonded to the shell with glue to prevent the wrap from warping for lifting.

Tama has applied components that further add value to this kit and give it the feel and performance of a professional kit. The Omnisphere L-Rod tom holder is a ball/socket rotational design, which allows the toms to be positioned with flexibility and security. The L-Rods include memory locks and hold the tom without any metal support penetrating the tom shell, which helps to optimize drum tone. The Accu-Tune bass drum hoops provide excellent tuning stability and durability. The bass drum spur brackets are adjustable and include spur tips that can be recessed into a nylon housing when needed. Tama uses a large, smooth wing nut throughout the kit that are easy to turn and easy on the fingers, a small but important detail.

20 x 18 in. bass drum
10 x 8 in. tom tom
12 x 9 in. tom tom
14 x 14 in. floor tom
14 x 5 in. snare drum
MTH600 double tom holder
HS40W snare stand
HC43BW boom cymbal stand
HC42W straight cymbal stand
HH45W hi-hat stand
HP200P Iron Cobra 200 drum pedal
Drum Throne
MEINL HCS 14 in. hi-hat cymbal
MEINL HCS 16 in. crash cymbal
MEINL HCS 20 in. ride cymbal


  • 100% poplar 8-ply 7.5 mm shell
  • New Stage Master 40 Series hardware
  • Iron Cobra 200 drum pedal
  • Includes drum thrones
  • MEINL HCS cymbals
  • Wrap-glued to the shell
  • Omnisphere tom holder
  • Accu-Tune Bass drum hoops
  • TAMA Precision bearing edges
  • Durable drum heads


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