Wurlitzer 200A Vintage Electric Piano 1970s – Used


Condition Used Excellent

Straight from the ’70s, the Wurlitzer 200A electric piano provided an update to the original model 200 with a new and improved amplifier circuit, complete with speaker. If you like the Wurlitzer 200, the 200A is a great pick — the action and reeds are completely the same, with only the improved circuit differentiating the two. Who wouldn’t want the best of something already great?

This is a used piano in exceptional condition. The only thing we see that needs a look at is when the sustain pedal is depressed, a couple keys stay down. As soon as you release the sustain pedal, they pop back up and plays perfectly when the sustain pedal in not depressed. We assume this is a minor adjustment. Also we were told this is normal for these but the highest 4 keys ring without the sustain pedal depressed. Cosmetically the piano looks like new and sounds great! Analog Heaven!


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