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Got an instrument and you want to maximize the amount of money you can get for it? Consignment is the answer. If you ask a dealer to buy your instrument up front, you are going to get wholesale. Its just the way it works. As a dealer we have to make a profit and we are taking a gamble on the amount we can get for your item, how long we will have to sit on it. We have to tie up money in the item. All the risk is on us so we have to be conservative in how much we pay for the instrument.

Consignment removes the risk factor. You already own it so it costs you nothing but time and we don’t have to invest money into it up front to have it here so it puts us both on the same side. We get a reasonable percentage of what we net for your instrument and you get the rest. We do all the work, we advertise it, we list it on all the big sites like Ebay and Reverb as well as our site. When it sells, we pack it and ship it to its new owner. All you have to do is sit back and get a check when it sells!

For more information on consignments download the consignment form or give us a call at 203 740 8889 or stop in with your item. If you are not local, no worries! We have sold instruments for people all over the world. Just ship us your item and we will research it and discuss a strategy on what we should ask for it and your bottom line and we will not sell it unless we get you your bottom line. With consignments, you are in charge!

Got questions about our consignment program? Contact us!

Call 203-740-8889