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Music Lessons

Take your playing to the next level

Guitar Hangar has a full staff of expert instructors for every instrument – guitar, bass, drums, vocals, brass, woodwinds, orchestra strings, and more! If it plays, we teach it. All of our instructors are trained professionals, with years of experience teaching every level of player – from beginner to expert, our teachers will help you take your playing to the next level. Click to learn about our instructors.

Music Theory and more

Music theory is the skeletal structure of every genre of music. From Bach to Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, or Showtunes, learning music theory is crucial to a player’s ability to play, write, and read music. But we also know that learning to play music can’t be all books and homework – it has to be fun too! That’s why our instructors strike a balance between work and fun in their lesson plans. Eating vegetables is important, but so is dessert!


Guitar Hangar is open from 10am-6pm weekdays, and until 8pm on Thursdays. We also teach on the weekends! 11am to 5pm on Saturday and 12pm to 4pm on Sundays. Call 203-740-8889 for scheduling and availability.

We’re Musicians, Not Paper-Pushers

One trait that all musicians share is that we don’t like hassles or paperwork. That’s why Guitar Hangar makes it easy to enroll today. Just call 203-740-8889 to get the ball rolling. We’ll help you schedule your first lesson in whatever instrument you choose! No lengthy paperwork or annoying questionnaires to fill out. Just call, schedule, show up, and start playing!


30 Minute or 1 Hour Lessons
7 Days a Week
Call 203-740-8889

“But I’m just a beginner…”

Nothing is better than seeing a beginner “get it” for the first time. Guitar Hangar is a no-judgement zone, because we started off as beginners too! There is no age or skill requirement – whether you’re 5 or 50 years old, no one is too young or too old. All ages and skill levels are welcome!

How it works

$150 for four (4) half-hour lessons per month. All you have to do is show up with your instrument and our instructors will take it from there. You can even pay for your lessons on our website! No hidden fees, no surcharges, no games, no gimmicks.

Please note: in 5-week months, students will be charged $37.50 for the additional lesson when applicable.

No instrument? No problem!

Guitar Hangar has a huge selection of beginner instruments in all shapes and sizes, as well as accessories like books, tuners, straps, picks, and strings so you can get started in style. Guitar Hangar is a family-owned local business, not a corporate big box chain store. Our store isn’t filled with commission salespeople trying to upsell and add-on useless gear just to make a quick buck. We want to help you find the right gear for YOUR needs, not ours. The right gear, for the right price, on time, every time. That’s the Guitar Hangar Guarantee.

Our Instructors

Don’t see lessons for the instrument you’re looking for? Contact us!
Guitar Hangar has instructors available for every instrument from brass and woodwinds, orchestra, banjo, mandolin, folk instruments, and more.

For More Info
Call 203-740-8889