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Keep your gear in gig-ready condition with Guitar Hangar’s Repair and Service department. We have over 20 years experience doing repairs, setups, and custom modifications for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Some of our clients include Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople), Tommy Mottola (Sony Music Entertainment), John Cougar Mellencamp, Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, and more.

From routine maintenance and service to custom modifications and restoration, Guitar Hangar does it all! Most of our repairs are done in-house, with a fast turnaround time – our guitar and amp repair technicians can quickly diagnose and repair most problems within 24 hours. We have a huge array of parts on hand right here in the shop so we can get your gear back in action without waiting around for special order parts.

Got some ideas for a custom modification? We can help! With decades of experience, our technicians can make your custom dreams a reality! We offer free consultations too, so if you have a particular sound in mind but you don’t know how to get there, we’ll give you the info you need to make an informed decision.

Got questions about a restoration, repair, or custom modification? Contact us!

Call 203-740-8889

Amplifier and Electronics Repair

Amp not working like it used to? Need a routine re-tube? Or maybe you’re looking to hot-rod your amp with some fresh new mods? Well, look no further! Bring your amp to Guitar Hangar and we’ll take care of you! Our expert technician is an authorized warranty repair center for Mesa Boogie, Kustom, Crate, Crate Audio, Ampeg, Mackie, Behringer & Bugera. But regardless of brand, you can rest assured that your amp will be in good hands. Call 203-740-8889 today or stop in with your gear and we’ll make sure you get the service you deserve.

All amplifiers are subject to a $75 bench fee for diagnosis and repair estimates.

Got questions about a restoration, repair, or custom modification? Contact us!

Call 203-740-8889

General Guitar Repair

Every guitar is different, and so is every repair. Sometimes what a customer thinks is a simple fix can be a very involved process involving rare or expensive parts and lots of man-hours. Sometimes it’s the opposite: you come in thinking it’s going to cost $100 to fix your problem and we get it done for almost nothing! The price list below should give you a general idea of what it will cost to fix normal problems, wear and tear, and accidental damage to a guitar or bass. Many jobs require us to have the guitar in hand in order to give you a proper estimate, so please note that some of these prices may vary for individual instruments.

For an exact quote, please bring your instrument into the shop for an estimate.

Setups & Intonation – Most setups are finished within 24 hours, and most are ready same day!
• Electric Guitar, fixed bridge setup: $75 + strings
• Electric Guitar, tremolo/vibrato bridge (including Floyd Rose) setup: $95 + strings
• Bass setup: $75 + strings
• Acoustic guitar setup: $75 + strings
• 12-string or classical guitar setup: $95 + strings

Body & Paint
• Paint & Ding Repair – Contact us for quote
• Crack or Split Top Repair – Contact us for quote
• Bridge Reglue – Contact us for quote>
• Headstock Repair – Contact us for quote
• Strap Pin Install – $15

Neck & Frets
• Neck Resets – Contact us for quote
• Refrets – $300
• Fret Dress – $200
• Truss Rod Adjustment – $20

Electronics & Wiring
• Pickup Swap or Installation (pickup not included) – $50 per pickup
• Electronic Work – Contact us for quote

Before/After Repairs