• Hi Rick, got the amp home, and now the whole neighborhood knows I have a new Marshall!....seriously, thanks again for yet another sweet deal!

    Chris H.
  • Aloha Rick, Thanks for a flawless transaction. The guitar showed up in 48 hours, perfect condition and was almost still perfectly tuned, & just as described. Mahalo, Dave B Captain Cook Hawaii

    ...a flawless transaction...
  • Hey Rick, Just wanted to let you know I am loving the new Buzz Feiten Tele! Great piece of wood on the body -- very light and responsive with a great tone and lots of power. Very chime-y with a very cool vibe. The neck is a little chunkier than I am used to, but it is super playable. Finish and details are impeccable, and the set-up was dead-on perfect. I am thrilled to have a Tele that does not have the traditional bridge plate, with those upright lips -- they always got in my way! Thanks for making it so easy, once again, to add a killer axe to the collection. All the best,

    Lovin the Buzz Feiten
  • Rick, the Mockingbird just arrived safe and sound, and all I have to say is "WOW!" This thing plays beautifully and sounds amazing. I've very happy with this purchase, it's definitely been a pleasure doing business with you. I'd like to say thank you by writing a review for you somewhere. Do you have a particular website that you advertise on or already have reviews on that I could add to? Let me know and I'll do this tonight. Thanks much again! -Raj

  • Rick, The 65 Amps Lil' Elvis combo arrived this past Saturday; Order was complete and correct; Thank You - I've been experimenting with it a little bit each day, to learn how it reacts to my pedals, pups, and various guitars - Very pleased so far, and with a little more tweeking on my part, seems like it will cover nearly equivalent ground as my 65 Soho rig. For your own knowledge and consult to your customers who may be contemplating a unit from the 65 line-up, I cannot say enough how much the "bump" switch enhances the tone "fullness" of these amps - and it's NOT just a solo-booster - it enhances all tonality (imo), and still "cleans up" completely by simply lowering volume knob on guitar - I leave the bump switch "on" and never really turn it off, on both my Soho and Lil Elvis. Cabinet construction/shape on the Elvis is also one of the coolest I've ever seen - didn't really get the full effect of the design until I opened the box. It is a monsterous sound and I think it will be the one-arm "grab-and-go" amp I hoped it would be. Kudos to Dan, Peter, and the whole 65-amp team for another stellar product! Jim Renner

    Order was complete and correct; Thank You
  • Hello Rick, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I received the WEDGE units I ordered from you today. I found them both to be in excellent condition...cleaner even than the one I bought when they first came out...and I do baby my gear! I look forward to my next purchase from Guitar Hanger. Again...thanks for your help..and happy Easter. Ray

    I look forward to my next purchase
  • Hi Rick, Just wanted to say thanks for the great setup job on the guitar It plays easier and sounds better than it ever has It's like an entirely new guitar Jim

    Just wanted to say thanks