Guitar Hangar guitar instructor Nick Arne is much more than a guitar teacher. As a songwriter, bandleader, and performer, Nick’s musical influences range from John Mayer, Derek Trucks, B.B. King, Jeff Buckley, Julian Lage, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, and Bob Dylan, to more esoteric artists such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Bob Marley. Nick understands the connections that exist between different genres of music, and seamlessly connects the dots in order to present a well-rounded teaching curriculum that allows his students to explore music and composition in all its forms.

Nick Arne graduated with Cum Laude Honors from Western Connecticut State University in May 2018 with a BM in Jazz Studies and a minor in Professional Writing. His teaching and playing specialties include guitar, bass, and ukulele. His teaching curriculum includes music theory, improvisation, notation reading, scales, chord voicings, and more. Nick is proficient in many genres, including blues, jazz, rock, pop, and more.

In March of 2017 Nick released an album of original music entitled “Songs from Thursday Nights”

Listen to it here:



Nick Arne started playing guitar after discovering John Mayer’s music in 2009, as a high school freshman. After discovering Mayer’s music, Nick became obsessed with the idea of playing the guitar. His parents got him an acoustic guitar for Christmas and he started taking lessons shortly after. Almost immediately, Nick realized that playing guitar would be much more than a hobby. All through high school, he constantly played and practiced, and with support from his parents and teachers, he decided to pursue music in college. Nick was admitted to the music program at WCSU in the Fall of 2014. At WCSU he studied jazz guitar for his full four year education, under the tutelage of expert instructor Kenny Wessel. He also studied composition under Dr. Kevin Jay Isaacs and worked closely with Jamie Begian and Jimmy Greene.


The Future

Nick is currently working on his second album, with songs dealing with love, youth, and living in a small town. This album will showcase his honest, personal songwriting and his musical melting pot of influences. He anticipates that his forthcoming album will be the best example of his songwriting, playing, and guitar prowess to date.