On the last Tuesday of every month, Guitar Hangar hosts an Open Jam Session for our customers and friends. Right here in the store, we set up a full backline: drum kit, guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard, percussion, PA system, microphones, monitors… the whole 9 yards. The only thing you need to bring is your instrument, we take care of the rest.

Our Jam Session features a great array of players with skill levels ranging from beginner to pro. The Jam isn’t purely an amateur event – we’ve got some serious heavy hitters on the roster. But we also encourage beginner and intermediate players to get up on stage and let it rip. Over the course of the past couple years, we’ve seen some of our beginner students boost their skills and develop into real live rock n rollers!

One of the best things about the Jam is seeing players connect. We get a lot of players at the Jam Session who don’t often have a chance to play with other musicians. Younger players may have limited experience playing in bands or in front of other people. Older players may have the skills and experience, but they don’t have the time to commit to a band. The Open Jam Session gives these players and opportunity to get up on stage, crank the volume, and just let it all hang out. The look of pure joy on those players’ faces is simply amazing.

The Open Jam Session is also a great place to network. Let’s face it, the internet isn’t the best place to find compatible players for your band. The Open Jam Session brings musicians of every age and skill level together in one place. It’s like a group audition! You never know who you’re going to run into. You might learn a couple new chops, meet someone from another band that you can organize a show with, or you might find your new drummer. Anything can happen.

Back in the day, guitar shops were a defacto community hangout for musicians. With the popularity of big box music stores, the intimate feeling of going to a guitar shop where everybody knows your name is becoming a thing of the past. Not so at Guitar Hangar! We are a real-deal local, mom-n-pop, family-owned guitar shop! We encourage our customers and friends to hang out, meet other musicians, play a few songs, make some connections, and have some fun! Join the Jam Group on Facebook as well to interact with other players before hand!

The Guitar Hangar Open Jam Session is on the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm till whenever it ends! For more information, visit our facebook page and look for upcoming events. Feel free to share, invite your friends and bandmates, and come on down to the jam!


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