Casio LK-S450 61 Key Lighted Touch Responsive Portable Keyboard


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LK-S450 portable keyboard

With an amazing collection of great-sounding Tones and Rhythms, the LK-S450 is ready to help you take your next musical steps. It’s never been easier to learn to play your favorite songs, with a brilliant Key Lighting system to light the way forward.

The sleek, stylish LK-S450 weighs less than 10 pounds and features 61 full-size, touch responsive keys with Casio’s Key Lighting system. The easy-to-read LCD display and intuitive controls give you everything you need to bring your music to life.

Just choose a song and the keys become your guiding lights, with intuitive Step-Up Lessons to help you along. With the free Chordana Play app for iOS/Android, you can also learn to play any MIDI file using standard notation, a “piano hero”-style display, or both.

The AiX Sound Source delivers sound quality that you’d expect from a keyboard costing hundreds, if not thousands more. Power on the LK-S450, and you’ll be presented with a dynamic, expressive German concert grand piano placed in a virtual concert hall. Inside the collection of 600 Tones, you’ll also find great-sounding electric pianos, organs, strings, synths, and much more.

The LK-S450’s200 full-accompaniment Rhythms make it a perfect jamming partner. Simply play a few notes, and it will create an entire backing band that reacts effortlessly to the way you play. No matter what kind of musical mood you’re in, your Casiotone is always ready to back you up with vibrant acoustic drums, vintage drum machines, global percussion instruments, rock-solid basslines, horn ensembles, rhythm guitars, and so much more.

There are three ways to experience the LK-S450’s amazing sound quality at its best. First, the bass-ported speaker system delivers punch and clarity throughout the entire volume range. Second, plug in a good set of headphones for personal play. Third, turn on SURROUND, and the sound from the speakers will place you right in the middle of your music.

With a LK-S450, there’s no reason to feel tied down. Just pop in 6 AA batteries, attach a strap, and wherever you are becomes center stage.

The micro USB port connects your LK-S450 to any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device with no drivers or installation needed. With the optional WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI/audio adapter, you can even connect wirelessly to your favorite devices to control them via MIDI, or to use the LK-S450 as a Bluetooth speaker.

  •  61 full-size keys with touch response and Key Lighting System
  •  600 AiX-powered Tones and 200 full accompaniment Rhythms
  •  Powerful bass-reflex stereo speaker system with surround effect
  •  6-track song recorder
  •  Strap pins for playing anywhere
  •  Class-compliant USB-MIDI connects to free Chordana Play app
  •  Optional WU-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI/Audio adapter
  •  Optional 6xAA battery power (AC adapter and music rest included)


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