Electro-Harmonix Bass Preacher Compression/Sustainer Effects Pedal


Bass guitars possess a huge dynamic range and produce powerful low frequencies. Designed for and by bassists, this compact compressor/sustainer features fully adjustable controls that can subtly transform the dynamic qualities of a bass guitar or take them to the extreme. From transparently leveling out notes so they sit in a track to creating an intensely squashed sound, the Bass Preacher helps spread the gospel of great bass tone!

Quick Specs
– Compact compressor designed especially for bass guitar
– Input sensitivity ranges from -10 dBu to +2 dBu making it a perfect fit for both passive and active basses of varying output levels
– Maximum gain reduction of 21 dB, with enough make-up gain to return your signal to full volume at maximum sustain (compression)
– Attack toggle switch changes the timing of the onset of compression and provides three selectable settings: Fast, Medium and Slow
– True bypass for maximum signal path integrity when in bypass mode
– Tough, compact die-cast package
– 9-Volt battery included


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