Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb Pedal


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11 reverb types, with multiple variations too  Electro-Harmonix’s reverb offerings, and the Oceans 11 continues to impress. In addition to the 11 modes listed below, a mode switch gives you alternative variations on many of the different reverb types. You can also connect an external footswitch to trigger infinite reverb effects. Check out the video below!

Reverb types:

  • Hall — rich and full sound of a grand concert hall
  • Spring — brand-new tube spring reverb emulation
  • Plate — lush and warm plate reverb
  • Reverse — each note fades in backwards
  • Echo — recirculates echoes through the plate reverb algorithm
  • Trem — hall reverb plus tremolo
  • Mod — modulated reverb
  • Dyna — swells, gates, and ducks in response to your playing dynamics
  • Auto-Inf — auto-infinite reverb, triggers a wash of reverb with each new note or strum
  • Shim — shimmer reverb with an octave-shifted wash that blooms behind your core tone
  • Poly — polyphonic reverb with two pitch shifts operating on your pre-reverb guitar tone



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