Ibanez AUC10E-OPN Concert Sized Acoustic/Electric Ukulele w/ Gig Bag




The Ibanez AUC10E is a testament to the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and innovation, offering a captivating acoustic experience with a host of thoughtfully integrated features. Its Okoume neck not only adds an element of aesthetic appeal but also contributes to enhanced playing comfort, ensuring that every performance is a pleasure.

The Purpleheart fretboard stands as a distinctive feature, accentuating the bass’s beauty while enriching its tonal character. Complementing this, the Spruce top, a time-honored choice for acoustic guitar construction, provides pristine tonal clarity, making it resonate with a delightful acoustic warmth.

Crafted with a Solid Paulownia back and sides, the AUC10E offers a robust and resonant foundation, ensuring that each note is delivered with clarity and resonance. The inclusion of the Ibanez undersaddle pickup is a nod to modern convenience, accurately reproducing the bass’s acoustic nature when plugged in, making it an ideal choice for stage performances and studio sessions.

The on-board electronics are further enhanced by the Ibanez AEQ-2U preamp with an onboard tuner. This preamp not only provides an extra punch of on-board EQ for tone shaping but also features a convenient and easy-to-read digital tuner, ensuring that your bass is always in perfect tune.

The Purpleheart bridge serves as a crucial component, transferring string vibration directly to the body, resulting in a natural and warm tone. To add to its allure, the AUC10E comes with a tailored Ibanez gig bag, designed to fit and protect this instrument, making it convenient for musicians on the go.

The AUC10E goes beyond the ordinary with its special features, including the Stereo Sound Port System for enhanced resonance, a Double Hole Bridge for increased sustain, an Elevated Comfort Armrest for playing ease, a Beveled Cutaway for improved access to higher frets, and an Edgeless Comfort Heel for a seamless connection between neck and body. These features collectively contribute to an instrument that is not only visually stunning but also elevates the playing experience.

In essence, the Ibanez AUC10E is more than a ukulele; it’s a musical companion that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations, providing players with an instrument that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sonically enriching.


• AU concert body
• Spruce top
• Solid Paulownia back & sides
• Okoume neck
• Purpleheart fretboard & bridge
• Black Die-cast tuners
• Ibanez Undersaddle pickup
• Ibanez AEQ2U preamp w/Onboard tuner
• Aquila® Nylblack strings
• Stereo Sound Port System
• Elevated Comfort Armrest
• Edgeless Comfort Heel

*Includes Ibanez gig bag


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