Ibanez GA3-OAM Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar


The Ibanez GA3OAM classical guitar brings the rich, warm sound of nylon strings to players of all levels. With its traditional fan-braced classical body, this full-size instrument produces balanced resonance and supple tonality. The GA3OAM features quality tonewoods, including a solid spruce top for pristine clarity, and meranti back and sides, for a smooth, well-rounded sound. Its nandu wood fingerboard enhances the warmth and richness. The GA3OAM classical guitar plays with ease, thanks to its comfortable nylon strings and smooth neck profile. The maple bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations into the body for excellent tone and sustain.

Traditional Build With Spruce and Meranti for Balanced Tone

Constructed with a spruce top, and meranti back and sides, the Ibanez GA3OAM gives you the materials prized in classical guitars for their balanced, warm tone. The spruce top offers the pristine clarity it’s revered for, with meranti adding warmth and body for a versatile sound across styles. Together, they create an affordable classical model with the resonance and character of premium tonewoods. The GA3OAM’s traditional materials let you craft your warm, nuanced classical tone without breaking the bank.

Easy Playability With Comfortable Nylon Strings

The GA3OAM features nylon strings for smooth playability and an enjoyable playing experience. The nylon strings have lower tension compared to steel strings, making them easier on the fingers during longer practice sessions. Their smooth feel allows for comfortable, accurate fretting and fast runs across the neck. The GA3OAM has a neck width ideal for classical technique, yet not too wide for smaller hands. Combined with its shallow neck profile, the GA3OAM provides effortless fretting and transitions.

Quality Tonewoods Like Spruce Top, Meranti Back and Sides

The GA3OAM utilizes quality tonewoods that provide excellent sound at an affordable price. Its solid spruce top produces crisp, detailed treble notes with pristine clarity. The meranti back and sides add a smooth midrange and robust low end, giving the GA3OAM a nicely balanced classical guitar voice. Together, these tonewoods supply the rich harmonic content that brings nylon-string guitars to life.

Nandu Wood Fingerboard for Rich, Warm Sound

The fingerboard is made of nandu wood, which boosts the GA3OAM’s tonal warmth and resonance. Its dense grain pattern allows vibrations to freely sustain and bloom. Nandu’s smooth surface facilitates comfortable, precise fingering. The wood’s appearance also lends an elegant visual flair. Overall, the nandu fingerboard enhances the classical guitar’s naturally full-bodied voice.

Maple Bridge Transfers Vibrations for Natural Tone

The GA3OAM has a durable maple bridge that efficiently transfers string vibrations into the resonant body. This allows the top to freely resonate and project the guitar’s voice. The maple bridge provides a smooth, rounded tone with clear note definition. Tuning stability is also excellent thanks to the bridge’s solid construction. It gives players a natural acoustic tone and playing experience.


  • Spruce top
  • Meranti back and sides
  • Meranti neck
  • Nandu wood fretboard
  • Maple bridge



  • Body type: Classical
  • Top wood: Spruce
  • Back & sides: Meranti


  • Fingerboard: Nandu
  • Neck wood: Meranti
  • Bridge: Maple


  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Number of strings: 6


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