Mackie – Big Knob Studio Command System – Used


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Mackie Big Knob Studio Command System / Control Center

True to its name, the Mackie Big Knob stands as the quintessential audio control center, featuring an impressive central knob that takes center stage. Yet, its prowess extends far beyond this striking feature, presenting a multifaceted array of capabilities.

With the Mackie Big Knob, take command of studio monitor selection, effortlessly switch between input sources, manage talkback functionality, and dictate headphone control—all within a singular, elegantly designed unit. The versatility is unparalleled, boasting four stereo inputs to accommodate various audio sources, including a dedicated phono preamp tailored for your turntable, and not one, but two headphone inputs for shared listening experiences.

Delving deeper into its capabilities, the Mackie Big Knob boasts a remarkable 8 input channels and an expansive 16 output channels, providing an expansive canvas for your audio endeavors. Elevate your control and connectivity with the Mackie Big Knob—an audio masterpiece that transcends the ordinary.

This is a used item in good working condition

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