Marshall 2204 Master 50 Watt Mk2 Lead Combo 1979 Vintage Guitar Combo Amplifier – Used


Condition Used Excellent

The Marshall 2204 JMP MKII Master Volume Lead is a very simple, yet very loud 50-watt all-tube amp that gives the highly sought after “Marshall tone”. The 2204 is set up with three pre-amp tubes (12ax7), and two power tubes. The only knobs found on this amp are for Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master Volume, and Pre-Amp Volume.

It only has a single channel, but inputs for High and Low Sensitivity allow you to play anything from super clean to super raunchy with just the turn of a volume knob. As far as volume, this thing is LOUD, basically like any Marshall. These are becoming more rare and are some of the best sounding amps ever made.


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