Rawk D. Fury – Fuzz Effect Pedal – Used


Condition Used Excellent

A point to point modified Fuzz Face circuit, made with a B108 transistors, and featuring 5 control knobs for maximum versatility, allowing the player to dial in a wide variety of tones from high gain fuzz to smoother overdrive/distortion tones, that clean up nicely with the guitar’s volume knob.

Here’s a brief description of the controls.

  • Gain : smoothes the signal coming into the circuit allowing the use of a wah pedal in front of the fuzz & great for dialing in humbuckers.
  • Phat : this is a tone blend that blends between treble(Counter Clock Wise) and full range(Clock Wise) frequencies coming into the circuit.
  • Fuzz : the standard fuzz control with gradual transition of the amount of fuzz throughout the pot taper.
  • Bias : controls the bias voltage of the second transistor, from under biased (CCW) to overbiased (CW) for a wide variety of fuzz flavors.
  • Volume : the standard volume provides massive output and the ability to push the front end of your amp.

With the Gain and Phat controls cranked (all the way up), Bias at 12:00, Fuzz and Volume to taste you get the classic Fuzz Face circuit. Check out the audio demos below to get an idea of the tonal variety and versatility you get from this pedal.

High quality components and hardware are used throughout, including B108 transistor, Neutrik jacks, Lumberg DC power jack, Alpha pots and true-bypass switching. Professionally finished in a durable blue sparkle powdercoat finish. Powered by a 9 volt battery or a standard 2.1mm center-negative 9V power supply. Comes securely bubble wrapped in its storage box including a set of transparent adhesive rubber feet.


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