Shure FP24 Microphone Mixer with Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuators – Used


Condition Used Excellent

The FP24 is a studio-quality, two-channel, portable stereo microphone mixer, designed for active use in demanding broadcast environments. Features including assignable L-C-R inputs, built-in slate microphone, 1 kHz tone oscillator, and headphone monitoring render this mixer extremely adaptable in application. The remarkable audio performance and comprehensive attributes of the FP24 make it an appropriate choice for studio or field production engineers. Due to its compact and rugged mechanical and electrical construction, the FP24 excels in no-compromise settings such as radio, television and film production. This is a used unit in excellent condition in the original box with the manual! Also included are 2 Shure A15AS in line switchable attenuators ( 100.00 value ).


• Two transformer-balanced microphone inputs with left, center, and right position mixing capabilities
• Unique seven-segment peak output meters, with three selectable levels of LED brightness – readable even in direct sunlight
• High current balanced output drivers provide signal integrity over long cable runs
• Headphone preamplifier enables monitoring of program audio or external tape return
• Ability to link with the Shure FP33 mixer using the A33LK accessory cable to create a highly portable 5 x 2 audio production system.
• “Unclippable” input peak limiters with adjustable threshold (each input)
• Powered with two standard AA alkaline batteries (11-12 hours) or 4-14Vdc power (PS20)
• Switchable low-cut filters with 80 and 160 Hz corner frequencies, 6dB per octave
• Phantom power, selectable between 48 volts and 15 volts

Weight 25 lbs


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