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Rick Tedesco

Rick Tedesco founded the Guitar Hangar in October of 1999. After running another music store for a number of years, it occurred to owner Rick Tedesco that he was working really hard to make someone else successful. He struck out to open his own shop and thus, the Hangar was born!

Guitar Hangar started in a small outbuilding in Rick’s backyard. Armed with a website, a Rolodex, and a pile of amazing guitars, Rick built a small army of dedicated customers who wanted a more intimate guitar buying experience. In 2014, after 15 years of doing business in the backyard, Rick opened the doors of Guitar Hangar’s Federal Road location in Brookfield. We’re excited to have a new location, an expanded selection of affordable instruments and accessories, and a ton of new services like lessons, school band instrument rental, PA system rental, and instrument repair.

Rick Tedesco – A Light in the Attic (cd)

A solo rock album from Guitar Hangar owner Rick Tedesco.

Track listing

1.) Fireball
2.) See You in Hell
3.) In the End
4.) Whore
5.) Pain
6.) Drowning

7.) Night is Coming
8.) Toy
9.) Bottomless Well
10.) You
11.) Church of Sinners