Electro-Harmonix Analogizer Warmth + Delay Guitar Effects Pedal


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Got the digital blues? Coat your guitar in warm, organic tone. The Analogizer thaws out digitally processed guitar, and gives you that analog sound and feel.Use the gain knob to access up to 26dB of gain for fat front-end fuzz. Pump the Spread knob all the way up and the Analogizer can function as a “doubler” delay, providing a slapback single-note ping that plays up to 65mS after the initial note. With the spread knob turned all the way up, the Analogizer sounds like a vintage slap-back delay pedal. The most common application for the ElectroHarmonix Analogizer pedal is to fatten up thin, overprocessed tones. Certain effects (like digital delays and multieffects pedals) scoop the lows and mids from your sound. The Analogizer is perfect for warming up the harshness of your digitally processed guitar. Here’s how it works: With the Seperation knob turned all the way up, each note has a single ping companion note that plays milliseconds after it like a ping-pong delay. As you turn the Seperation knob further down, the two notes get closer and closer together until the result is a single note that sounds twice as fat as the original! Then, pump the gain knob a little bit to add some of the Analogizer’s +/-26dB of gain and voila! You’ve got a sweet, analog-sounding tone for a fraction of the price of a vintage tube amp. Features GAINĀ  Controls the input gain. Available gain ranges from 0 dB to +26dB. As you turn up the gain knob, the front-end gain increases into overdrive territory SPREAD Controls the delay time. The delay time range is from 3.5mS to 65mS. Turn up the knob, the delay time increases. BLEND controls the wet/dry mixture of the original signal and the effect. VOLUME Controls the output level of the pedal. The ANALOGIZER comes supplied with a 9 Volt battery.


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