Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal


Condition New

Add Some Psychedelic Effects To Your Rig: Whether you play rock, metal, country, blues, or jazz, a dramatic phase shifter is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. The Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone’s robust three dimensional phasing adds a special swirl to every musical style. Blues players love the Leslie rotating speaker effect, while Country players use it to add a little depth to solos. Crank up the knobs when you’re playing rock or metal to get that huge swirling whoosh or to trip out on a psych-rock solo! No matter what syle you’re playing, the Small Stone will beef it up. Features

  • USA Small Stone “made in NYC original”
  • Rate control adjusts the speed of the phasing sweep
  • Color switch controls frequency spectrum (hollowing out the sound)
  • Bypass footswitch


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