Gibson Eric Clapton Todd Rundgren Fool SG Reproduction Guitar


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This guitar is a faithful reproduction of the “Fool” SG, made famous by Eric Clapton when he was guitarist for the band Cream in the 60’s. Later it was given to George Harrison who owned it for a few years and then gave it to Todd Rundgren who played it for several years. During it’s tenure with Todd, he had several copies made of it as the original was becoming fragile from years on the road and worth too much to risk. It was eventually sold at auction sometime in 2002.

There have been plenty of copies of the “Fool” guitar out on the market, some better than others. This one is a lot different. The artwork was not air brushed like most of them on the market, but hand painted with a brush exactly like the original. We have painstakingly researched this piece from every angle before setting out to create the ultimate “Fool” SG reproduction. This guitar is as close to the original as you are going to find, period. Every inch of this guitar was hand painted in our custom shop by our artist and covered with a clear finish to protect the artwork. We do 2 versions, either Eric’s with the vibrola tailpiece or we can change the bridge to a harmonica bridge as it was when Todd owned it. We change the tuners to the same as the original, we custom make the truss rod cover to match the original, right down to the extra screw in the pick guard, we have gone the extra mile to make this as accurate to the original as humanly possible. Click on the pics to take a look at this piece. We even had the original artist “Marijke” paint one for us so we could match the colors exactly! These are custom built to order.

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