Charlie Paolo Custom Effects Ternian Drive Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


Condition New


Built by hand right here in Connecticut, Charlie Paolo Custom Effects pedals are everything you want from a stomp box. Each and every Charlie Paolo effects pedal is hand-made using premium components. Unlike most high end boutique pedals that are assembled onto a prefabricated circuit board, all Charlie Paolo effects pedals are individually hand-soldered onto a custom perfboard. This way you are guaranteed to always have the best pedal in the universe.The Charlie Paolo Ternian Drive is an analog overdrive/distortion stomp box that’s perfect for jazz, blues, and classic rock players. The Ternian Drive is definitely NOT a Metal Zone… The Ternian Drive is built to highlight the tonal characteristics of your existing amp settings, giving you a nice dirty boost right where you need it, without overcooking your tone. With volume and gain knobs, you can use the Ternian Drive to punch up the preamp tubes in your rig, and really make them sing. Crank the gain knob for an amazing vintage rock tone, or roll it back to add a little warmth to your jazz or blues solos. Features

  • Locally made in Connecticut, USA
  • Hand-Soldered on custom perfboard
  • Individually custom painted so no two look alike
  • All analog circuits
  • Rugged metal construction


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