Cyclone Amps UK45 British Ballbreaker 1×12 Hand Wired Combo Amp


Condition: New, Handmade


At Cyclone Amps, precision is the name of the game. Cyclone Amps makes some of the finest hand-wired combo amps we’ve ever seen. Built to emulate some of the greatest amps in history, every Cyclone Amp is hand-wired to perfection using the finest parts and materials available today. Cyclone amps are finely tuned to replicate the tones of hard-to-find original vintage models that are prohibitively expensive and tough to maintain. Come to Guitar Hangar and try out a Cyclone amp today. You won’t believe your ears.

The Cyclone British Ballbreaker is a faithful recreation of one of the most famous rock n roll amps in history. With the perfect balance of clean clarity and dirty tone, the British Ballbreaker is a must-have for fans of classic British and American rock from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Featuring ultra-clean hand-wired circuitry, Classic Tone transformers, JJ tubes, 12″ Celestion Greenback driver, gorgeous hand-glued Tolex covering, white piping, and classic British style input and tone controls, the British Ballbreaker is a serious amp with serious tone.

Hand built one at a time by an experienced amp repair technician, each Cyclone amp receives the care and attention to detail that that many larger amp manufacturers have abandoned in favor of profits and mass production. We took a peek under the hood and couldn’t believe the precision of the internal wiring. Each solder point and wire bend is perfectly placed, ensuring low-noise operation and peak electronic performance. And Cyclone doesn’t skimp on parts! Every piece, from the pots to the caps to the speaker wire is top-notch, resulting in a solid, high-quality vintage style amp that performs at the highest levels of tone.
Perfect for the stage and studio, the Cyclone Amps British Ballbreaker simply can’t be beat. Come to Guitar Hangar to try one in person or order yours today!


  • British Blues tone circuitry
  • Hand glued Tolex covering with white piping
  • Hand-wired internal circuitry
  • JJ tubes
  • Classic Tone transformer
  • 18 watts
  • 12″ Celestion Greenback driver
  • British style inputs configuration and tone controls

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Weight 60 lbs


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