Fender Champ Amplifier Vintage 1979 Guitar Tube Amplifier – Used


Condition Used Excellent


The Champ storied history began in 1948 as a 4-watt amp with a single 8-inch speaker a green tweed linen covering in the form of the original Champion 800. It was soon replaced by the even-smaller Champion 600 a year later, dressed in two tone brown & white vinyl, sporting a 6” speaker to compliment the Princeton’s 8”. The two tone covering became the famous “tweed” around 1953. The Champ was overhauled in 1964 in the “blackface” style with a black Tolex covering. The AA764 circuit has remained the same from 1964 right through until 1982 (including the tube rectifier).

Over the years, the Champ has gone through several other iterations, from tube to solid-state, from tweed to Tolex, but it consistently remained a key piece of gear for casual players and professional artists alike.

This is a nice example of a silverface Champ that has all the hang tags and manual included, a great addition to anyone’s gear!


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