Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier – Vintage 1968 Silver Face w/ Footswitch & Amp Cover


Condition Used Very Good


The Fender Reverb kept the same chassis at its blackface predecessors but updated the interior circuitry and exterior with the iconic silver face plate. This amp is not a collectors amp as it has had a few mods over the years. It was owned by an electronics guy who did a few “convenience” improvements. He added a modern plug so he could remove the power cord. He added a bias point to connect a meter and bias adjustment on the back panel so he could swap tubes and bias the amp on the fly. He removed the original speaker and put in a Celestion G12M 25 watt greenback ( made in England ) that sounds absolutely fantastic. The tolex is well worn and the back panels have been replaced. This is not the amp for the vintage perfectionist that needs everything to be as it left the factory. This is the amp for the guy that loves these amps and wants one that is rock solid, sounds fantastic and wont break the bank. The amp has been put through our shop and everything on the amp works as it should. The transformer code is 606 825 which we think dates it to 1968 based on that and other features like the missing boost pull switch that was added in 77 that would be present if this was a 78. It also comes with a tuki cover!

For the price of a vintage reissue, you can have the real thing!

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Weight 150 lbs


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