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Frank J. Callier Violin Bow


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Frank Callier was an American Luthier who was Born in America of French parentage. He worked in St. Louis 1900-1914, in San Antonio (Texas) 1916-1926, and in Hollywood (California) 1928 till his death in 1971. He was a specialist in hand-made bows. It has been stated that his bows were so well crafted, that they  enabled the performer to display diversified flights of fanciful bowing or the steady stroke of sustained power. When Frank J Callier moved from San Antonio Texas to Hollywood California he opened the Callier Violin Shop at 5906 W. Sunset Blvd. He made about 300 violins and about 3,000 bows. On Sundays he came into the shop to carve Beethoven busts. His son Paul Callier studied with him and eventually opened his own shop in the Pasadena area. After his fathers death in 1971, Paul ran both shops.

This bow is made out of Pernambuco wood. The frog is Ebony, and the tip is silver. It is not clear what year the bow was made however the bow is straight, plays well, and shows no signs of warping. The bow weights 2.2 oz which equates to 62.369 grams.



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