Silvertone 1457 Vintage Electric Guitar w/ Amplifier in Hard Shell Case


Condition Used Excellent


Starting in the mid-’50s, most guitars bearing the Silvertone brand name were produced by Danelectro. Silvertone was the in-house brand of Sears and was marketed to beginner guitarists. In 1963, Silvertone distributed a two-pickup version of the earlier amp-in-case model as the 1457. While the guitar was sold with an amp-in-case, many have survived without the amp intact. Having the amp case intact with the guitar is important for collectors.

This one is in impeccable condition with the amp working and the footswitch included as well as the original strap! We just did a pro setup on it so its ready to go. Definitely one for the collectors.

Years of Production: 1963 – 1966

Body Style: Double cutaway solidbody

Design Elements: Two lipstick pickup, dot inlays, volume and tone control, six-on-a-side headstock

Amp Features: Three tubes, one tube rectifier, 8-inch speaker, gain, tone, tremolo (speed and strength), two inputs, foot-switch

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Weight 65 lbs


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